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  The attorneys at the Marder & Seidler Law Firm take an aggressive approach in representing clients charged with felony, misdemeanor ,traffic and DUI criminal offenses, We also represent individuals who desire to file a divorce or who have been served with divorce papers. We strive to be known in the community as experienced attorneys that provide quality legal services for individuals in a consistently ethical, responsible, timely and cost-effective manner.   


  When a conflict requires legal action, Marder & Seidler Law Firm, provides high-quality representation. We serve clients throughout Hoffman Estates Area, meeting their diverse needs in a wide range of legal matters, including family law and divorce, school law, employment law, criminal defense, estate planning and civil litigation.


  The Marder & Seidler Law Firm, take a team approach to legal representation. We have acquired diverse legal knowledge, skill and experience that allow us to adapt to the needs of our clients. We can handle even the most serious cases with effective legal strategies based on in-depth analysis and planning.


  We understand the tremendous burden you carry when dealing with a legal problem. It can disrupt your family, career, financial stability and day-to-day life. With all the complexities of the legal system, resolving a legal problem can be an incredibly confusing and frustrating process.


  That’s why when you or a member of your family faces a legal problem, it’s important to have an experienced professional on your side. You need a lawyer who understands your situation and concerns. You want an attorney who will explain your options in a language you can understand, and go the extra mile to get you results.


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    Practice Areas Below:

    Criminal Law-Felonies and Misdemeanors
    Secretary of State Hearings
    Business Transactions
    Personal Injury
    Estate Planning
    Workman's Compensation
    Domestic Battery